Bentley Brandon is one of the most sought-after professional experts in the world. Widely respected by industry professionals and consumers and internationally renowned leaders, his charismatic and compelling story is an inspiration.

He is a Car Wash World Record holder, an entrepreneur, author and public speaker. Bentley’s Backseat Pledge kit offers insight to parents and children. Helping the family car experience more pleasant, safer, and cleaner. Bentley started his career at thirteen years old. For over two decades, Bentley has satisfied the car care needs of millions.

Bentley Brandon has partner with schools, across the country to helped bring education to the classroom for high school students looking to study and operate in the car wash industry.  And with his new partnership with McGraw Hill, they bring “Professional Car Washing and Detailing textbook to high school and colleges. His impact is profound and varied and showing no signs of slowing down.

The word most often used to describe Bentley Brandon is visionary. His authenticity is a welcomed addition to any discussion rooted in improving our lives with our car experience. Bentley Brandon “The Clean Car Expert” has truly mastered his car care skillset after 20 consecutive years. With every scenario you could think of. In the rain, snow, sunny days and even dark night, Bentley Brandon definitely has the experience.

In 2015 Bentley was inspired to help the community by campaigning for a city council. After defeat Bentley decided to help those who still had no voice in his community. By becoming a Lobbyist for car wash industry. There’s richness in his concepts that foster an intriguing point of view on the modern society of car care.

Bentley Brandon’s unique and powerful voice is respected and has been taking notice by Barack Obama, President Trump, Diamond and Silk, and a long list of several celebrities ranging from Hollywood, rappers, Nascar drivers, professional wrestler, comedians, actress and actor and more. His courage and piercing insights provide a fascinating perspective that is not often found in public awareness.  For so long the conversation about our vehicles has been muted. Bentley fearlessly speaks from the heart, which births unpredictability. Bentley Brandon a true Car Wash Hero and will continue to bring luxury to every vehicle in the world.

Bentley Brandon is the face of the car wash industry and voice of our generation.


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